The Severe Liability of a Broken Friend

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The Severe Liability of a Broken Friend

An Open Letter to the Social Leper The Severe Liability of a Broken Friend   Having pastored for twenty years I’ve had a front row seat to numerous personal collapses. Some resulted from the basic attrition of life. Divorce. Others from an individual sin. Adultery. A husband’s struggle with porn exposed. A wife’s addiction to…

Christo-Platonism, Sin & Mortification (Part Three)

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Christo-Platonism, Sin & Mortification (Part Three)

 Christo-Platonism, Sin & Mortification (Part Three)  Byron Yawn The Glorious Reorientation The reformed theologian Charles Hodge really helps us understand this perspective of mortification. In his Systematic Theology he offers one of the clearest descriptions of the original (pre-fall) righteousness of man in Christian literature. He describes it as,   The perfect harmony and due…

Christo-Platonism, Sin & Mortification (Part Two)

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Christo-Platonism, Sin & Mortification (Part Two)

Christo-Platonism, Sin & Mortification (Part Two) Byron Yawn From the Inside Out Ultimately, it is the immaterial part of us that controls the material part of us. Desires do not originate in our bodies. They end there. As Augustine put it, “It was not the corruptible flesh that made the soul sinful. It was the…

In Honor of the Outgoing Elders of CBC

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January 3rd, 2016   Dear Community Bible Church,   I considered coming at this from a personal perspective – that of a pastor and fellow elder. It would be easy to recount the manner in which these men loved my family and me these past two years amidst some challenging, but not uncommon circumstances within…

Only A Few Yards Into a Volcano (M’Cheyenne)

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“Some children of God have amazing discoveries given them of the wickedness of their own hearts. Sometimes it is given them to see that the germs of every sin are lodging there. Sometimes they see that there never was a sin committed, in heaven, in earth, or in hell, but it has something corresponding to…